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we are proxiss

We are a creative cyberspace company legally based in germany. We do research and product development for the IoT future as well as in the traditional internet service business. We team up with people all around the world and contribute to several open source initiatives. We love freedom, technology and fairness. Join us looking forward to a world of networks.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything ready for the future

Brand Tech Identity

We have several solutions to transfer your brand to modern technology. Pimp up your brands with geeky gadgets and let your employees feel the wind of beeing a part of the next century under her wings.

R & D

We do reasearch and development in the cloud, PaaS and SaaS businesses. We can deliver rapid prototyping devices for docker and kubernetes, we can re-sell PaaS spaces at most popular key players.

Platform Production

We produce web platforms for our own brands. We've learned how to handle thousands of users and how to run LAMP stacks with no outage at minimal costs and effort. We give you advice or hands on support.

Software Engineers

Yes, we have some full stack seniors here. But frankly, we need them for our own projects. We can not share nor lend our superpower skills at the moment.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works


Technology Research

Our kubernetes research quickstarter. 4 Raspberries (3b) tied together and preinstalled as docker cluster with kubernetes as orchestrator based on hypriot. Get your research up and running in seconds. EUR 500 with power supply, network switch and all needed tires.

Countmatic hosting


We host and operate your own countmatic instance. We use failsafe docker swarms and redis clusters to avoid any outage. It's hosted in Germany and makes EUR 150 per month.



This nice looking chair has environmental sensors in it. It logs the temp, moisture and light every 15 mins via WLAN to your home automation hub. It's your's starting from only EUR 200, batteries' extra. We have a gallery of models on our feelchair microsite.

EnvSensors Breadboard


This funny piece of technologie get's your IoT experience started up pretty quick. It's two breadboards, one wemos D1 mini esp8266 and some sensors. Comes with arduino IDE starter code to wifi-log environmental data. It's EUR 100 once-off.

Watchface branding

Tech Branding

Did you know, that you can have a watch with a branded face? It's possible with the new Fitbit Ionic. We do the programming for your brand. It's EUR 500 including the watch or EUR 25 per licence if you buy your own watch.

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We don't have any, don't send us your resume or "Zeugnisse". If you do cool stuff on like github, we'll find you and contact you. And we only need engineers, all administrative work is outsourced or computerized.
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proxiss GmbH
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DE 83052 Bruckmuehl

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Phone: (+49) 8061 3498447
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Traunstein HRB 19859
USt.-ID: DE 232665424
GF: Rainer Feike